A motive to learn has always driven me to take different directions in my life. Whether it’s pursuing education abroad, working in fields with communities, talking to people, participating in events, participating in a fellowship, or even sometimes walking aimlessly, I have been able to learn something different. It’s almost two months since I left my country, my home, my family, my friends, my colleagues into this fellowship with a great expectation to enhance my leadership skills. And I think I have learned what I could not have learned from any other programs. I have developed a conscience on what I need to do to be a leader.

I remember a speaker in a training program on leadership saying first important attribute of a leader is knowing what s/he wants or what s/he enjoys doing. Many people, whether it be professional or non-professional, are not always clear what they really want or enjoy doing. They are struggling finding out what they really want to be in the future. They try doing many things. And very few succeed clearly identifying their destiny, while other continues trying for their whole life to reach the conclusion. Unfortunately, they might end doing nothing at the end towards their goal. While, on the other hand, identifying goal, pursuit, motive, and happiness, well early in the life can help people to succeed and often become leaders in the field of their interest.

It was not until I participated in this program that I could identify not what I wanted, but what I do not want, or what I do not enjoy doing. I was clear enough on what I wanted to be in life, which career I should take, but I was trying different things to reach my end. I also had the misconception that anything I do, it’s related to my field, and it would enhance my knowledge and skills. But, what I was not clear about was, what I do not want to do, or what I do not enjoy doing. The few weeks in the fellowship, the placement at host organization, the discussion with other fellows, and of course some discussions on leadership, has now sensitized me what I should do and what I should not. Perhaps, this is the most important lessons in this early phase of my professional development. Perhaps, this would help me to grow and develop as a leader in my field of interest.

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