It has been six years now that, every first Sunday of December is marked as “Sindhi Topi Day / EKTA Day” (means day to display solidarity, demonstrate culture and keep our tradition alive). In theory all it portray so glossy and colorful picture, but let’s dive deep to see that if, the current scenario of Sindh depict the same bright side.

It is widely acknowledged fact that care, collaboration, courage, compassion, dignity, development, enlightenment, education, peace, prosperity, tolerance and togetherness are essential element to promote culture and heritage and keep tradition alive. But……

With 1000s of dysfunctional schools and dozens of thousands GHOST TEACHERS (گوسڙو ماستر) , millions of illiterate children, can we expect educated and enlightened society?

With enormous corruption, dilapidated governance structure and increasing inequity, can we nurture the caring, dignified, developed, collaborative and prosper civilization?

With cruelty towards social and political activists, extra judicial killings, abduction, force conversion and intolerance towards minorities and other disadvantaged people, can we enjoy the flavor of compassion, peace, tolerance and togetherness?

Sindh Music

Algozo and Ajrak Sindhi Musician with its own unique quality and sytle

If our answer is yes, then we deserve to display ajraks and topi, delight ourselves with traditional dance on musical tunes but if answer is NO, (which I believe is) then we all need to seriously rethink about our ways of celebrating EKTA DAY, that either we want to mark this day in true letter in spirit by nurturing our values or just pass it like another irrational and unproductive SINDHI TOTI DAY (It is not typo error here I literally mean TOTI to write the one who doesn’t want to do any productive work).

No one destroy iron but its own rust, likewise no one destroy a person but his/her own mindset. So rethink on this day and change the perspective change the SINDH

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