Yesterday, the last sentence I read before going to sleep was from my mentor who left a comment “Keep walking, Safa”. This morning, first thing that came to my mind when I woke up was ” Keep walking, Safa”.

"What did one wall say to another wall? - Let's meet in the corner."

“What did one wall say to another wall?
– Let’s meet in the corner.”

So I literally decided to go by walking to my work today, and on my way I was reflecting about this past year and past few hours and I realized how “Keep walking” is such a powerful advice, almost a perfect one for survival.
While walking I thought of many people with whom I shared a walk, a journey, before, but who have crossed for some reason to the other side of the street without previous notice. We both kept walking but our roads haven’t met again since then. Some will still wave to you from where they are while walking along the same road which makes you feel close to them still, but some will make a turn on the next street and disappear leaving question marks behind them.
With some people you really care about, you decide to cross the road and follow them, and even do the turns so you can stay together longer in that journey. But with other people, they will go faster, maybe they will make turns in circles, you both don’t get anywhere and you feel exhausted by trying so badly to stick with them. But when you stop and they don’t look back to check on you, then you understand that it’s time for you to keep walking too. Maybe you will feel lost because they were leading your way, they were your north and your purpose in that journey. It will take you some time to either go back to your previous track or to completely change it and move on by embracing a new one.
If you are lucky enough, you will meet other people who would love to share the walk with you. Ironically, you may choose to escape them. You may invite them to synchronize your steps together or they will come to the conclusion that it’s time for them to walk on a different pace because yours is faster. Then you keep walking and take the next turn and they take theirs.
We all keep walking, and some walk ahead, some walk in circles, but most of us do both with the hope that few people will keep it up with us.
On my way to work this morning, there was a construction work and a sign said to cross to the opposite sidewalk. and I could literally see how destiny and circumstances make us leave people we are walking with, we could still stick together but sometimes that obstacle trigger choices that make us change our respective destinations.
We miss crossing paths with some people but also get the chance to cross paths with other ones. I could see how obstacles come across and challenge us. You better be flexible, cross to the other side walk and go back after passing the bump if that road is still worth it.
You get to know people more while taking that walk. When they are at the opposite side, you look at them, think of them but you don’t know them well unless you do the walk together.

Roads teach. You may laugh, you may fight. you may hold hands, or hold a resentment. you may talk as you may stay silent. It’s not only that you choose the pathway but “together” you also choose the way you want to share it, to live it.
Keep walking, but if you can invite people to join you, hold their hands, it’s even more enjoyable. If they don’t want to hold yours, then keep walking. If they decide to take the turn, Keep walking. Just keep walking, you know by now that roads make you meet new people, that roads teach you a lot about you and about others, that moving keeps you active and alive and that if it’s meant to be, roads will bring you together, the same people but different people.

Enjoy your walk.

Safa H.

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