There are way too many things in life to care about – pending emails, family issues, what next, partner, children, house, and the list is endless. There has to be a moment when you forget about everything.

We are three very close friends – Saqib, Hyun and I (Aditi). One day we decided to skydive as we had not done anything adventurous together. After our research it came out that an Uber ride to the destination would be too expensive. Saqib pestered Rofaida, the only fellow with a valid U.S.A driving license to take us to the Skydive station. She was sweet enough to agree. None of us told our families about this, knowing perfectly well that they would never allow us. My mother would have taken the next flight to America if she knew what I was up to.

It was a pleasant day and the appointment was for 3 pm. We left home around 10 am and halted at Baltimore Downtown to look around and have lunch. Finally around 3 pm we reached the Skydive station where they asked us to fill multiple forms. The last form was a red paper agreement stating that the company is not responsible if there is an accident or we die. I remember all three of us skipped a beat, but then went along and even took a picture of the red form.

All forms signed, we were  registered and told to wait for our turn. In anticipation, we went outside to witness skydivers landing after their jump. They all looked happy and exhilarated.

Soon we met our instructors. Hyun and I were nervous. Saqib in his usual self was trying to make us laugh. I am so sure he was nervous inside. All three of us were interviewed and asked how we are feeling. Well obviously scared and nervous but who wants to show that on the camera!

We were in a small plane, with seating area only enough for 4 people. It was a tandem jump so there were two instructors and two jumpers in my plane. I sat on the floor with the instructor attaching his parachute with mine. The instructors gave us instructions such as bend your knees when you jump, keep your arms open.

Ten minutes after the take-off I saw outside the window and felt the most anxious I had ever felt in my life. But I was freaked out more when we were 12000 feet up in the air and the door opened. I could just feel the height and my heart beat soared like crazy.  Let me go ahead and explain this more vividly. Once the door of the plane opens, you sit down on the floor with both of your feet dangling over the side. The wind is so strong, it hits your feet at about 100 miles per hour and your legs immediately get blown to the side. But you have your instructor strapped to your backside, so you’re not going anywhere. Then as told you cross your arms over your chest and wait for your instructor to jump. At this point I got really nervous and started shouting that I don’t want to jump. But it was too late. My instructor leaned forward and next thing I know I was screaming my lungs out and free falling. I was in the air for one minute, free falling and it was amazing after a while. Soon the instructor pulled up the parachute and I could see the Potomac River, the lush green forests and just the whole place with a completely different view.

As I was close to landing I saw Saqib, Hyun and Rofaida waiting for me and shouting my name. I must say I had tears in my eyes when I landed. It was not an easy thing and it really requires guts to do. But I would highly recommend it all my friends. It’s once in a lifetime experience and everyone should feel it once at least.



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