Have YOU ever taken a moment and thought of how the Show, News and the Programs on your TV or Radio are made? Have YOU ever thought of the time and effort used to produce that…………………………….? http://www.atlascorps.org/blog/?p=8152#

Working in the media makes one a celebrity in one way or the other, many people like celebrities because of their interesting jobs and particularly in the media where they are presenters and hosts of TV shows and Radio.

But being a media celebrity has two sides of the coin, and one has to live both as a journalist. Mostly people don’t know what it takes to make a show, news or the program that run on their TVs and radios, they just care about its fun bit and the interesting part.

But for a journalist it takes everything to make that show their audience like.
For some, journalism is fun! And for others it’s both fun and fear. This is the other side of the coin that people don’t notice.

Being a journalist is sacrifice and loves for most; they sacrifice their families, relationships and lives to get the audience that one news on TV or Radio. Many journalists have moved mountains, valleys, war front to make people know what happens in the other side of the world.
Journalist meets soft and hard people, politicians and ordinary, soldiers and civilians, all to save the world we live in. Most of them have lost their lives looking for stories; some are in jail for the stories and truth they exposed. This profession makes them cross borders and all professions to unveil the world.

The hard work and challenges is more than the salary, the job and living, it is the love for better ,the encouragement, the hope for the people, the connection, enlighten and the voiceless.

Written by Kaltuma Vanesa

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