It’s been said, that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Which always finds a way to get to some people, myself included, as we tend to want to do it all. I’ve just about heard all the reasons for why I should specialize and be good at a particular thing. Be known for a skill and be absolutely exceptional at it. And yes, I did try.

You see, I love to dance and to choreograph dance pieces. I like learning new languages,fashion and modelling. Occasionally, I even write poetry and playscripts. Oh, and that’s not all, I’m also very interested in women and youth empowerment and mentorship. I enjoy project management, and one of my favorite activities is managing money. I love investing in things, seeing money grow and making calculated risks. And perhaps tomorrow I’ll be enthusiastically playing a sport or a music instrument.

After being told plenty of times to specialize, as I could be really good at any of my passions if I put more time and concentration on one, I couldn’t help but sit back and wonder if everyone was right. So, after having a structured job for four years, I did decide to take some time to try different things and concentrate on my other passions full time to see how that would go. But when I did, I found myself missing the structured work as well.

Back to the drawing board I returned, and after a lot of pondering, I came to a happy conclusion that I’d rather be 70% good at all the things I’m passionate about, than 90% great at just one thing. After all, we are only mortal humans. We have no capability for 100% perfection. I may not be Leonardo da Vinci or some great man of old, but I’ve come to the realization that I need a balanced life. This often includes a very well managed one to fit all the things that I’m passionate about.

At the end of the day, if I can do something that makes me happy and content, I will do it, and do it well. So when you meet me, don’t ask me to choose. Don’t tell me that I could be so much better if I put my all my effort on one thing. For there’s one life to lead, and I intend to squeeze all the juice I can out of it. I will leave no stone of talent unturned.

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