Here are my few takeaways from the panel of the International Youth Leadership Summit held at the World Bank.

How to mobilize people to work with you in campaigns?

  • Just being able to find people who share the similar passion and make them work with you. Find ways to have some level of engagement for all. Find place to respectfully engage.
  • Bringing snacks, making people to come to your snacks, making a positive pitch, relevant pitch is important
  • If you don’t ask them to take part, they are not going to join you

Is it ok if interest and passion changes with time?

  • It is ok but finding interests and aligning it with the skills and knowledge for your ultimate interest is important
  • To find out what you are interested in practice self-reflection and what you are good at? Where do you bring your positive energy from and keep open communication with others
  • Get out there, reach out for mentors, asking people how you got where you are
  • Finding common interest

What are the motivational factors for leaders?

  • Believing in bigger things that is going to happen or that your work is bringing
  • Working with community takes a lot of energy and self-awareness, taking care of self and asking people for help when needed are some of the key factors

What makes someone a leader?

  • Leader is someone who is able to go there and talk about what they want to deliver
  • You are able to find potential mistakes and improve them and work on them.
  • They know their strengths and weakness to flourish together with the team
  • showing up, showing the initiative, following up with after you meet them, taking the time to follow up
  • Become a doer, listen when you are creating a product
  • Trying to figure out the pin points of the society, tackle the complex challenges

How can we make social entrepreneurship work?

  • Social Entrepreneurship starts with solving problems, making things better. You have to be innovative to deal with the societal problem and you have to be in the game, be sensible and have visible support from the government. It’s a multi-dimensional approach.
  • Social Entrepreneurship is societal capital. If your innovation is good is to compare with the UN SDG or international development indicators. You need to know how good at that.
  • Social entrepreneurship is all about building good relationship and it will succeed someday.

How do you deal with problems?

  • Preparing yourself for the possible questions people might ask when you face gender, age challenges
  • You should listen to the constructive voices not to those who provides criticism.
  • You need a strategic patience. This journey where you are now is a process. You can’t really control the process. You can’t say when you hit the right button.
  • You care about this issue and you work on that. It depends how you work on it depending upon your country, your community.

How to become entrepreneur?

  • Seek out mentorship who have understanding of building an entrepreneurship
  • You are not going to have all the information when you are new in the field.
  • Watch youtube videos
  • Learn from another entrepreneurship
  • Asking the basic questions, stupid questions and hearing them is important
  • Ask people to meet for coffee
  • Present your ideas and ask them what questions you do have
  • Forget about the fear of asking