Every time that I decide to write about my experience in the United States I end up losing myself remembering my indescribable life changing lessons of this past year.

I was born in a country where the civil society is just now becoming stronger and before working for Points of Light I would never imagine myself working in an organization which the vision is that one day every person will discover their power to make a difference, creating healthy communities in vibrant democracies around the world.

Daily, I am able to visualize that the world continues to shrink due to transportation and communications developments, it is becoming increasingly clear to me how intertwined are our lives and futures.  My millennial generation faces an online world with no geographical boundaries. Being an Atlas Corps Fellow helped me to understand that community can be people worldwide bound by common interests and passions.

I also learned that globalization means that social, economic, and health issues know no national boundaries. The economic crises in Spain and Greece have negatively affected countries where an economic uptick was just beginning.  All oil spills will eventually find their way into international waters.

One of the positives sides of globalism is that volunteer service, civic engagement, and opportunities  know no national boundaries.  What people learn about how to work together to solve their problems in the United States or about participatory budgeting processes in Brazil can be instructive to someone in Japan or Moldova.

Our destinies are increasingly tied together. And for perhaps the first time, we live in an age where we have the resources and technology to eradicate extreme poverty and global health inequities. We live at a time of what people are calling the “super-empowered citizen.” Through the internet, resources and people can be galvanized at a scale that is unprecedented.

I used to think of a service as a way to support our neighbors and those that are close at hand. But increasingly, I believe that we live in a world of global interdependence, in which we are increasingly connected to the problems and challenges around the globe. It is up to us!

PS: I am trying to do my part: A Brazilian guy volunteering with French people to build a house to an American family… The beautiful side of globalization!

Watch the video: France Atlanta 2012



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