It's in our DNA! (Social Good Summit 2013)

They say too much of a good thing…is not often good! Today I spent the day trying to keep up with all the interesting topics and people at the Social Good Summit, and I have to say: it was life changing!

Between experiencing the actual impact of technology on major health issues like beating Malaria through mobile phones; to seeing superstars dedicate so much of their time for positive social change, I was left speechless. I am now more hopeful than ever that we can have a bright post 2015 era, where the lessons learnt from trying to achieve the MDGs can be put into use.

I am someone who is not easily amused or moved, but the positive energy was infectious. People were true and genuine which is always breathtaking.
I say too much of a good thing…is the best thing! Oh yea….and I met Ernesto who is (in addition to being so darn cute) is a good hearted bright young man, who was raised right, and tries to give back-just like most of the people from his/my/this generation! We are philanthropists, it’s in our DNA. #2030NOW

It’s in our DNA!

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