According to information from the national census, more than 90 percent of the population in Mexico describe themselves as Catholics when asked about their religion or belief. This could be just a habit, an automatic response, since many of them clarify: “I am a Catholic, a non-practicing one”.

It is Christmas time and I consider myself a world citizen. My experiences, travels, and the wide variety of friends I have around the world, consciously and unconsciously oblige me to think inclusively and openly. The Atlas Corps experience has been key for this.

For me, it is not about religion, practicing it or not, it is about humanity, it is about love. I would love to share this way either in Hannukah, Ramadan, Diwali, Asalha Puja or any other big or small faith-related celebration. If you can share a smile, if you can give a hug, if you feel angry about injustice, if you are still willing to learn and change your perspectives, if you take risks in order to improve the world, if you cherish small details, if you feel love when you help others and if you can make an extra effort in your life to understand differences and coexist in peace… Then you are celebrating life, not only today, but in each one of your days. Merry Christmas those who read this small post. Leave the light on because a candle is not dimmed by sharing its light with another candle.

“Change your perspective, change the world”. That is our motto in Atlas Corps, it fits perfectly for this and many other moments in life.

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