I left Nigeria in January to get professional development as an Atlas Corps Fellow serving in the capacity of Program Impact and Evaluation Fellow with the world largest volunteer organization – Points of Light, but little did I know that I was going to the land where my leadership development shall be further strengthened.

I was among the hundreds of applicants for the 2017 American Express Leadership Academy but I was amazingly among the 48 selected across the United States of America, one of the 3 Africans and 2 Nigerians selected for the academy. I topped the list of the arranged profiles of the entire 48 Alumni of the 2017 Academy.


The 2017 American Express Leadership Academy was held at Seattle, Washington State between June 21 to 23 2017, and was coordinated by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), with the support of Points of Light. According to Change Style Indicator ran on me, I was identified as a True Pragmatist who occupies the equilibrium point between Conserver and Originator. I prefer change that addresses specific, real problems, and prefer to avoid change that seems to be only for “the sake of change”. I am practical, reasonable and flexible in my approach to change. I am open to new ways of doing things but not too quick to commit. I serve as a perfect mediator and prefer a “middle-of-the-road” approach.

My leadership strengths, according to the indicator, is that I like to have goals and objectives to guide me. I foster teamwork and I am willing to share leadership and power with others. I am usually able to see both sides of an issue and may serve as a mediator, valuing resolution more than my own position. I study and learn from my mistakes and tend not to make the same mistakes again.

I was assigned a coach, – Timothy (Tim) Altaffer – who is a Certified Executive Coach, accomplished Executive (with over 10 years’ experience as CEO), successful senior consultant and facilitator, professor at graduate business schools and board, elected Director of ICF Brazil -, who shall coach me for a months on my leadership weaknesses which include: valuing agreement and harmony over outcomes, and slowing at making decisions.

I hereby enjoin all fellows that would still be in the State by next application for American Express Leadership Academy to apply and get trained and coached CCL and renowned coaches. My sincere gratitude to Points of Light, American Express and Atlas Corps


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