The question of who were are have wondered leaders for centuries and understanding our identity help shape our behavior in our community and how we related to one another. So, many people Identify themselves based on their unique body and others identify themselves in relation to their conscience, but we all know these changes with time and leave us wondering if we are the same people our parents brought from the hospital or we are different people entirely. We all agree that the argument about identity is defined based on our body or mind raise as many questions as answered. This has influenced other leaders and great thinkers to define one identity based on his or her connection to the past with the notion that we are connected to our pass in one way or another and as time passes, we turn to forget some of those past, that Identity us, but you will share with me, there are thinks that we forget but our friends, families, relatives often remind us and brought back those memories we might have forgotten. When this happens, it means we are connected to our past through others in our community and with this, our Identity can only be defined in relation to our community and nothing else. What then is a community? A community here is not in reference to geographical location, or a group of people, but the set of relationship that make you a person. Who is a person then? Watch out for the next blog

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