We live in an artificial world where humans are misleading by the fact that what we see, feel, touch, smell, and taste are the most real things in the world. This version of the world according to Aristotle has been misleading and is today playing as the root cause of Racial discrimination and gender inequality. The answer to questions like why do we think what we think and why do we do what we do or what is the nature of reality itself is fundamental to the interpretation of the world and everything around it. To address the various challenges the world is facing today like the above mentioned few, it is important to understand various branches of philosophy as we prepare to deal with the root cause of the many issues around the world.The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of reality is referred to as METAPHYSICS. Different people view reality differently, for example, the color that you will refer to as red might be something else for a color blind person same with taste when you are normal and when you are sick. With this how therefore can we trust our senses to interpret our version of the world? Do we know anything at all? if yes how do we know the things we know? The branch of philosophy that answer the question about Knowing is referred to as EPISTEMOLOGY. When all is known how do we then know if we are wrong or right? The branch of philosophy dealing with this aspect is referred to as the VALUE THEORY which is sub divided into ETHICS which is the study of how we live with one another and AESTHETICS which is the study of beauty. At the metaphysical level, we also have ONTOLOGY which is the study of beings and answer question regarding your identity, personhood and the existence of God. The philosopher’s tool box is well recognize is Logic but the dominant logical reason has ever been weak because of the poor understand and interpretation of another world view in metaphysics in addition to many silence assumptions that come packaged in such logic.

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