These days people have a lot of choices for just about everything…

What brand of clothing should I wear? What restaurant should I eat at? What TV programs should I watch? The list goes on indefinitely!

One important choice that people make, often without realizing it, is the internet browser they use.

Think about how much time you spend on the Internet. Whether for work, school or pleasure, if you’re like most people, you log a lot of hours online.

A very good friend of mine just got back from Ethiopia this weekend and when talking to her about the accommodations she had while in this far off land from the U.S, she commented that she had Wi-Fi, but not always running water. She and I both agreed that was probably more important!  But, if internet connectivity can be a priority over accessing to water, then surely the vehicle you use to traverse the World Wide Web is important.

Yet, most beginner computer users still use the browser that came with their computer, which is what helps Internet Explorer hold onto its market share. However, if you talk to any more advanced computer user, most will report that they definitely do NOT use Internet Explorer, most of them use browsers such as Chrome (which has grown rapidly) or FireFox or Safari.

My friend, Laure, shared a funny picture with me the other day about web browsers that I thought was worth posting here because it was good for a laugh, especially from those familiar with the browser wars and the performance of the lead contenders.

((Unfortunately, I don’t know the original author source to give proper credit, but I will update this if I find out.))


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