INTERACTION PHOTO I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to volunteer at Interaction Four2014, from June 11-13 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center. When I applied I was thought it just a conference; where various issues related to the international development will be discussed, but it was more than that. It was a great networking event, and an opportunity for more than 180 organizations to engaged with each other , regardless to its size or scope, all the member od Interaction work for  fostering  social and economic development, advance human rights and support gender equality.

Under the title “Drivers of change: How do we make a Difference” the opening plenary session was held. The speakers were knowledgeable in their field; they made the session valuable by sharing thoughts and diverse backgrounds. The panelists focused on the value of supporting local partners and how this would lead to positive change in time; they also emphasized the importance of giving voice to grassroots and offering them a chance to participate in defining their needs and planning for their communities. The second day had the largest number of attendees due to both an interview with World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim, and the Young Professionals Leadership Summit. Dr. Kim made remarkable points, he discussing the relationship between education and poverty as well as the World Bank interest in investing in education, through partnerships with grassroots organizations. I like the way he articulated his ideas.

The Young Professional Leadership Summit was a real opportunity to meet, listen to and engage with a group of young leaders who have different experiences. The Morning session was designed to be group work, where every group had a mentor; the discussion was about personal development and the importance of realizing the change, and thinking about it as a positive sign of personal growth. Another interested session was “No Seat at the table,” it was a technical session that provided good advice about recruitment processes in the international organizations as well as tips about how to write resume and cover letter.

Alongside the sessions, there was a special CEOs networking lunch, all the CEOs meet for two days as a “leadership training”.  Moreover all the organizations that member of Interaction had exhibit of their work, it was an excellent opportunity to discover different organizations and their activities. As volunteer, I was a timekeeper for two workshops and I help in lunch line, I spent a good time with other volunteers. I am impressed with the organizing of the event, different tracks had been running together at same time in harmony and accuracy.      

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