U.S. new President is already know that is not the sweetest president, neither is he the kindest. But what happened a few days ago between pres. Trump and the “Morning Joe” host, Mika Brzezinski, was beyond ugly and totally leaves you a bad taste in your mouth. Even the First Lady disappointed. Though in the near past she declared herself publicly against bullying, especially cyber bullying, the offensive tones of her husband toward another woman just like her, didn’t bother at all Melania Trump. in the contrary, she took her husband’s side.

But as a communications specialist, I was mostly disappointed by the new House White’s spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I have been wondering all these days: does it worthy to sell your skills no matter what? I mean… you are someone’s staff and no matter what he/she is doing or saying, it is your job to cover and back him/her up. The question is: our skills and professionalism are for sale, but is there a limit and some standards? Or we can also get involved in things which we do not support or back up, just because that is our duty? Just like lawyers that commit to save even criminals. I am wondering all these days: Does Mrs. Sanders really believe what her President did is legitimate, respectful and appropriate for the number one person of a country? Actually, of THIS country, which is one of the most popular and strong in the world? How does Sarah Huckabee feels when she backs up a petty vocabulary toward a woman, just like she is herself?

It is not easy to love every second, believe in every second and agree in every second with what we do for, well, literally a living. Often. But shouldn’t there be limits and boundaries in terms of what our integrity can tolerate and handle? I would never accept to be spokesman in order to echo some voices that are not different or opposite to mine, but are anti human, extremist and infantile oftentimes. As a professional, I am open to also work for people I share different idea with, but denigration is not an “idea”, is an offensive intolerable behavior that everyone should not back up. Ever. Even with the cost to loose the job, no matter how fancy or well paid it is.

In our consumerism societies, we are selling everything. From now on, even dignity and integrity. There are people out there that are so rich, that they are ready to buy even “souls” and “conscience”. And hey… they are well known as traders and businessmen, so if you surrender and decide to sell yourself for money and a career, at least negotiate for the best price!

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