Sometime we just need to let people also know us a little bit, its called part of living, today let me express a little about me and my journey here.

Before i came here for the fellowship, i worked for a year reporting news in South Sudan after completing my university. During this time i did not have the complete true nature of reporting in journalism because of the restriction on what to report and how to report the news.

Serving at Voice of America, gave me the opportunity and made me the journalist i longed and wanted to be, we  research news and feature stories in Sudan and South Sudan that are of interest to the targeted audience and also conduct interviews.

Voice of America made me learn a lot of things about journalism that i have not learnt in during my experience in South Sudan, the experience of being international and having the chance to balance a story is overwhelming.

During my stay here in USA i also learnt a lot of positive things that will help me when i return home to focus and work hard for the better world.

People who i met here during the fellowship, at my host organisation,  Atlas Corp and the fellows themselves, opened my thinking of how different and similar this world would be to us and at the same time i got to know why other people behave in the way that they do.

During this fellowship i learnt something amazing and at the same time something sad about life, the amazing thing About life here is, it gives you opportunity to work hard and the hard work really pays, because you can see from the stand of living, health, infrastructure, economic and political environment, all are somethings that inspires me to work hard.

Here everyone make sure they do everything to perfection, they are conscious about deadlines  and that is so amazing because it makes work seems nice and easy and accomplished.

But as the saying goes work without play makes Tom dull and that`s  what makes me sad about the working style. work takes all of people’s time and they stop living, this is so sad because, most forgot how to have fun and they just look at how they can survive a next day at work. people don’t visit other because they think they can be a burden.

When they visit they carry their own food and drinks because they don’t want the other person to feel the burden of feeding them and so much, that makes me conclude that people here forgot or don’t know how to live anymore and work became part of living.

From this observation i learnt two things, in order to survive and have good things in life, you must sacrifice and work as hard as you can because living is just as same as  hard working, without hard work there’s no living.

I also learnt another important aspect of life, grabbing opportunity is one thing and using the opportunity you have is another thing. Opportunity is given but we create what reminds of what is given to us.

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