it’s evident that the impact of technology on our day to day lives has grown exponentially over the past decade. Whether it be laptops or cell phones, technology helps us connected with the world around us and acts as a portal to vasts amounts of knowledge which can be accessed with ease. However, many new entrepreneurs do not utilize technology to its full extent to propel themselves to new heights.

Following is a list of reasons of why entrepreneurs should incorporate technology in their businesses:

Communication: good communication is necessary to allow efficient flow of information in a business. Technology provides multiple channels for businesses to communicate both internally and externally. Whether it’s setting up virtual workspaces where employees can interact and develop ideas, or connecting to international businesses through the use of video conferencing, technology can be used as an outlet which allows businesses to collect feedback from their customers, which can used to improve or alter a product to suit the needs of the customers better.
Research and Development: through the use of technology, businesses can research the market through the use of secondary data. This is extremely useful as it provides businesses with in-depth knowledge about markets before penetrating them. Along with secondary research, businesses can use technology to conduct primary research in addition to using online surveys and customer feedback.
Web Based Advertising: one the most beneficial use of technology is advertising to millions of people around the globe just at a click of a button. Web based advertising consists of websites and social media. Unlike websites, social media accounts are very easy to build for your business and provide exposure on a wide variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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