I’ve always known that the USA is a super advanced country. The first man to reach the moon was from here. North-Americans also invented the cell phone and the concept for the internet. But I never knew that citizens from the USA had contact with so many aliens on their territory. It turns out there are around 40 million aliens living in the USA nowadays.

Several aliens are sent to the tribunals, even the small young ones. Most of them speak Spanish and are being accused of crossing an international border. In the court chair, some of them can barely touch their feet on the ground. If it is difficult to a Latin American lawyer (and also an alien) to understand what happens on these courtrooms, imagine how a small “illegal alien” feels.

Official documents in Texas and some mainstream media channels refer to foreigner nationals in the USA as aliens, in particular if they have a low income. I wonder why. After all, the language of Shakespeare and James Joyce has so many nice nouns. My British friend in Uganda had a great word for that: “expat”. I think this is a great term, but maybe it applies only for people with blue eyes…

These people should be treated (and referred) as…human beings. Not as criminals or strange beings from another planet. Until there is no real justice and opportunities in the “global ghettos”, people will keep coming to the land of the free and home of the brave. In fact, bravery is one of the few things that they carry, and freedom is what they are mostly looking for. To call foreigners in the USA as “aliens” is inhumane; it is to ignore that we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights.

The fact that human beings crossed an international border doesn’t turn them into aliens. Aliens are from another planet. These people are from here. And unfortunately, this is the only planet that they know.

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