A belief where the company seeks to keep developing employees’ skills and their full potential to ongoing professional growth is that IBM focuses on its employees leadership capabilities to build a greater brand. IBM is a global/multinational technology company which has more than 400,000 employees across the world. This very big number of diversified IBMers tells how creative the company is through having its own programs, projects and plans to build and sustain its brand through developing the capacity of the staff. New strategies are continually developed to meet employees’ needs, some of those where IBM rethinks of selection, recruitment, training & development processes. Most recently, the focus is on employees engagement through expansion and improvement strategies, and part of this philosophy is how to make social responsibility as a gate to the triple benefits strategy where employees engagement, business value and community impact enhanced. “No sector – government, business, academia or civil society – can tackle today’s social challenges by itself. I believe that’s why a growing number of companies are making corporate responsibility central to their business strategies.” Jen Corzier, President – IBM International Foundation & Vice President, Corporate Citizenship. With that said, IBM approaches societal challenges by applying talent and technology to innovative solutions for education, citizenship and employees engagement, economic development, environmental sustainability, healthcare, and more…

  • Education: through P-tech, Veterans, Teacher Advisor, the company is dedicated to helping further education and workforce development. P-tech stands for Pathways in Technology, an early college high school which is a system of innovative public schools from grades 9 to 14 that bring together the best elements of education and career. Veterans is a program which offers US veterans training opportunities and career placement specially in data analytics fields. Teacher advisor is an application which relies on IBM Watson computing technology to provide teachers with guidance and mentorship.
  • Citizenship and employees engagement: there are various initiatives in terms of community development and positive impact building. These aim to improve society and environment as well as benefit different business and individual clients through providing IBMers consultancies in social, community and technology projects management. The Corporate Service Corps is a very important citizenship program where teams of IBMers from around the world visit developing countries for month-long projects on economic development, environmental issues and other challenges, Since its launch in 2008, the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program has contributed over 3000 participants on over 275 teams to nearly 40 countries around the world, delivering over $70 million in market value consulting on over 1000 projects. In addition, IBM volunteers and impact grants are different citizenship initiaves through which employees engagement and volunteerism is supported with schools and community organization and grants are provided to non-profit organizations to better serve their communities.

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