As a great example of a leadership organization when it comes to the practice, promotion and development of volunteering, this month we are highlighting the efforts IAVE’s National Representative in Hong Kong. We are, of course, referring to the Agency for Volunteer Service, represented by their Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Flora Chung.

“Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) established in 1970, is a non-profit organization with charity status dedicated to playing a proactive and pivotal role in the promotion and development of sustainable volunteerism for building a caring society. We motivated, mobilized and facilitates volunteering through partnership with all sectors of the community.” Ms. Chung explained in a nutshell about the organization she leads.

To foster a volunteering culture in Hong Kong, AVS has been using the catchword “I Volunteer, I Live.” hoping that volunteering becomes part of everyday life.

With a team of 40 paid staff and around 80 volunteers, AVS works on the following program areas: matching volunteers with the needs of service organizations, promotion of good practices and quality in volunteering, volunteer recognition and international networking and volunteer exchanges.

A longtime leader in the volunteer community in the Asia – Pacific region and a supporter of IAVE, Ms. Chung reflected on being a member of and representing IAVE in Hong Kong, saying “it gives me an opportunity to build my network of contacts and obtain greater exposure to the global volunteer community. I feel proud of part of the IAVE family to promote and build awareness of the work of IAVE in Hong Kong.” She also mentioned some benefits she has gained from being an IAVE NR: “I can learn and share ideas and experiences, challenges, opportunities and achievements on volunteering development with my counterparts.”

Besides the positive aspects, Ms. Chung also mentioned that, in her role as an IAVE NR, it is sometimes difficult to allot adequate time, energy and resources to IAVE and she wishes IAVE’s membership base increased.

Ms. Chung is constantly motivated to continue working for the development of volunteering in Hong Kong, confessing “I witnessed the change brought about by volunteer effort to many under-privileged groups and to the volunteers themselves. The growth of volunteering in Hong Kong during the past decade is very encouraging and gives me a sense of achievement and satisfaction.”

Looking at the future, Ms. Chung expressed the wish to have more “resources on volunteerism including literature, research studies and a data base of leading global speakers and experts” available on the IAVE website.

IAVE would like to thank Ms. Chung for taking time and sharing some of her thoughts with us. Make sure you check out to find out more information about AVS and their work!

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