Being in the development sector and passionate about social change, most of the time we ignore to take care of ourselves. We forget to take care of our health and forget that we have to be healthy and fit to face the world.

This was my second time, attending Global Leadership Lab(GLL). To be true, I didn’t expected this GLL to be so interesting and self awakening. The GLL started with energizing session by Sam Potolicchio who was so much liked for his engaging session on individual leadership brand. This GLL brought topics like business chemistry, leading with integrity, developing self to how to make pitch.

For me, the most self awakening was the session with developing self with Trina Talukdar who reminded us to take care of our health and our body. She shared her own story of being so much passionate about issu

es she wanted to solve and changes she wanted to bring. But somehow she was weakened by her health and she had to take break as she was going through anxiety and her health was not going well. After her recovery, she determined that she will take care of her health first and then she will work.

The most important thing I remember from this session is to never schedule your time for work but schedule your work after you catch up with yourself care time.

Being a fellow, and living in a limited stipend, struggling with daily commute and the tiring day at office had also interrupted my regular exercise time for last 2 months. I am now beginning to get back to my  own schedule, taking care of what I eat and making time to exercise. It is making me feel good about myself. Plus, exploring different places, making time for self and friends just to hangout has also fulfilled my soul.

As it is a year long program and we have to do so many things in a year, learn so many things and make the most of it. Our fellowship do not excuse us from the crazy office schedule and work too. Almost all the things that we have to do and to learn is out of our office time and we get involved in it so much that sometimes i felt like a machine.

The GLL was the perfect alarm to learn not to do anything and give time for ourselves because we need to gather energy, we need to charge our soul and body as we are doing great things in the world 🙂