I have been in DC for the last two months and have experienced wide range of diverse cultural systems and structures. I have interacted with ever serious passengers in the bus and “leave me alone people” on the street. I have been stopped by “do you have a dollar please” guys on the street who smilingly accept living in this wonderful cosmopolitan city. I have appreciated the fact that I did not know that this city has thousands of homeless people under the bridges and in the parks, thousands of people who live less than a dollar a day and number  of quite filthy rich people. I like the picture we get of this great city, the capital and I will not share it with my people when I go back home. I will share with them my photos in historical places, leaning on the white house fence, smiling in nice coffee places, enjoying great company of new friends, and cropping my photos to capture what I want them to see. I will flaunt my few dollars worth  shoes and dresses. I will show them how happy I was to be in this city. I will amaze them with different addressees that I know, like 16th M street, I will tell them about DuPont circle, the Georgia Avenue, the U street, and endless happy hours. I will be happy to see a small crowd of people gathering around me ready to listen to the great son of Africa.  After sharing all what I want them to hear, I will go inside my room and accuse myself of hypocrisy and pretense, I will make sure the wall gets several punches as I try to disconnect myself from the great city hangover, I will wonder why I did not share what was important. But that is another story.

I HATE Africa with all my heart.  I cannot compare her with this wonderful city in the world. Africa you are filthy rich with resources and warmth. You attract all sorts’ of people. Your beauty goes beyond the structures and wilderness. You embrace the neighbors as your children. You don’t care even if people plunder and deflower you. You keep smiling. You are a disgrace to the developing world yet people from the developing world over-populate you. I HATE you because you maintain sobriety amidst the drunken race of the developed world, why don’t you go with their pace? I HATE you because you maintain purity amidst the polluted environment. I  HATE you because although your kids disassociate themselves from you, you still follow them with your accent, complexion, physique, beauty, and aptitude.  I HATE you because you accept to be used as the source of enrichment, yet you have never been declared bankrupt or experience recession. I HATE you because you provide a large creative space on the jungles and plains while your kids fight for living space in the great cities. I HATE you because you provide tranquility for people of the developed world to meditate, reflect and pour their miseries as they enjoy game drives and beaches,  yet your descendants keep deserting you and going to explore the opportunities in the great cities.

I HATE you because you are not a statistic yet people interpret you as the source of numbers; 20 million children in Africa…, 100,000 thousands women in Africa… 60% of the African population… I HATE you Africa because you create chances for people to come and learn from you, and you generously welcome and sustain them with your organic food and social warmth. You make sure they don’t suffer, because they are a part of your existence. UBUNTU is your secret and not all people will understand it except you, because you LIVE it, EAT it, and THINK it. It is a sine qua non of your existence.

I HATE you because you are full of contradictions, rich-poor, black-beauty, develop-developing world, and 1st world-third world. Yet you are the richest continent on earth, the source of technological mastery with Pyramid in Egypt and Timbuktu, the home of queen of Sheba, and the black Athena… and many more.

That is why I Highly Appreciate The Energy (HATE) in Africa. I HATE you Africa!!!!

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