From March 6 to 8, I volunteered as an Audio/Visual Lead for NEXUS USA Summit. This is my second time volunteering with NEXUS and it was awesome this time too. Returning to NEXUS Summit as an AV/Tech lead gave me the opportunity to implement what I had learned previously at the NEXUS Global Summit. I was prepared for the last-minute changes and the curves that always happens for the AV/Tech team.

I really enjoyed working from the backstage, managing the entire presentation/Audio/Visual slide for the event. It’s one of the toughest Job to ensure the event is on time, the session starts and ends on time and the presentations are in line with the event plan. But we did it.

We had a great team leader Ana who made things easier for us. She ensured that we are not overloaded with last minute work. But I was prepared for all the last-minute curves and I tried to be there with her, helping her with all last-minute things that she tried to take on herself only. I believe our role as AV/Tech team members must have bee helpful for her. Working with Joshuwa, Meenakshi and Abigail, who were other team members was also fun.

For me, being in the AV/Tech team is empowering as I come from non-technical background. I have always been in the front at all the events that I have coordinated or managed so far. The tech team at the United States Institutes of Peace (USIP) made it easier as they were the most awesome team I have ever worked with. Thanks to Tony, Matt, Stephen and Bob from USIP team for making the tech tasks so smooth.

It was also great because the Summit was held in the United States Institutes of Peace which I have always followed for a long time. Thanks to Atlas Corps and my host organization-Making Cents International for the opportunity to be part of such a great event.