To all those “find your one true passion!” I got thrown at my face, I heard in TED Talks, or read in the thousands of “must-read” articles,

Please stop the madness, and take a moment to think of how ridiculous is it to limit ourselves in one thing only to love AND to make a living out of. It’s limiting not only to the extraordinary creatures that we are but also to our infinitely diverse world where we can find millions of things to be passionate about.

I love hiking, and I go into nature and mountains whenever I can. I love traveling to new places, and I travel as often as possible. I love working in social development, and I do that and have the chance to make a living out of it. Of course, It’s not all love and butterflies, I hate it some days. And that’s just life.

I might loose interest in some of those things in my list and stop enjoying them as I might gain new interests. And that’s totally fine.

The danger of preaching the importance and urgency to find the one true passion, is that it makes the people who have many interests in their lives   feel like they are less, like they are missing the trail they should be following. Because we’re not.

Some of us don’t have one true passion and will never have one. Our trail is the curiosity, the creative pursuits, and the many passions we find.