Winter in Washington is almost here and most locals are preparing by making sure their family members have warm cloths and snow boots just in case we get record snowfall. It is good that I have come to the U.S. before the winter season as this will be the first I ever experience an actual snowfall. I understand that Washington, being not really in the south and not really in the north, sometimes gets no snowfall, but I’m hoping we get at least an inch or two. Some friends from the U.S. and others from parts of Africa and Asia have shared their experiences being here during the snowfall so i expect it is going to be beautiful. And according to American weather predictions, this time we should get record snowfall, or what some here refer to as ‘the polar vortex.”
This scares me a bit.  I grew up in Sub-Sahara’s climate, where sometime the temperature reaches 40 to 45 degrees Celsius during the summer. You need to drink more than 5 or 6 liters of water a day in that kind of heat. It is extremely hot even during high winds. The rainy season lasts more than 6 months, but it will still be hot.
The winter is estimated to less than three months long but I will savor that time. I can’t wait to experience my first snowfall season here in America.
A Few weeks ago, after receiving my monthly stipend which I totally rely on in terms of food and transport, a friend of mine took me to a big store in Maryland to buy warm cloths and snow boots.

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