Today I was at the CARE USA conference and for first time in my life I will learn what in practice the word advocacy and lobbying means in the US. It seems less political than what it might be in our countries.

But I would like to talk about one and only one thing that I have lived and noticed during the experience of lobbying at the Capitol Hill. While we were going to enter the congressional buildings, we were not asked at any moment about our identity nor about our destination. We had just to go through the security, to confirm that our bags are clear and safe and that was about it.

I was impressed. I couldn’t believe it. So I asked why.

The answer was that every constituent has the right to go knock the door of his representative at both chambers and make a request or even complain. He voted and pays taxes for getting this right. So no one has the right to stop the constituent from reaching out to the people they voted for.

No one at any moment has asked my name or where am I going and I was imagining if this scenario has happened at any of our countries? I couldn’t laugh about it honestly, it’s sad, and this makes me think of how the next elections coming up soon in Morocco, are going to be? When are we going to have access to an open communication with our elected politicians?

Safa H.



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