After doing extensive desk review, I came to conclusion with excellence criteria for leaders and their visionary development approach. It is true that leader succeeds by helping their staff to succeed. They encourage them to adopt leadership attitudes and practices: creating a new kind of world, shaking up routines and being dynamics whilst remaining in line with the company strategy.

Five Leadership Excellency criteria:

  1. Having precise objectives that support your vision
  2. Creating and maintaining cooperative relationships
  3. Observing the effect of your actions on a continual basis
  4. Demonstrating behavioral flexibility
  5. Staying true to yourself

Seven characteristics of a leader’s vision

  1. It describes a way of being in the future
  2. it is simple and easy to describe
  3. It sets out the precise details of results expected
  4. It incorporates values
  5. It provides the basis that makes planning and decision making possible
  6. It is motivating, ambitious and empowering
  7. It largely calls upon the contribution of other people

In order to apply the above criteria to good effect, you need to bear in mind that choices open doors to freedom. Everything about you is a means of communication either verbal or non-verbal.