Humility. It’s scarce in today’s contemporary world. Or has it always been like that? How do you define humility though? Well, this term, like most other things is also subjective in the present era. People choose convenience and prefer to put everything in a gray area in the name of tolerance and acceptance. However, I believe, it’s actually of sign of insouciance and nonchalance. If there’s no black and white, how do you distinguish people? If it’s okay to put everything in the gray area, then all of these nefarious acts that are carried out everyday become justified and called for. The truth is that we are becoming more and more individualistic – culture and traditions are thought to be a noose around our weak necks or shackles enfettered to our stumbling personalities.

There was a time when people took being selfless as a virtue and a sign of greater good. However, this word has a negative connotation in this modern era of subjectivity. People surmise selflessness as heinous, ungodly, and disgraceful. In my four months in America to date, I have realized that it’s probably an American thing to be a bit more selfish (pardon the negative connotation), self righteous and individualistic.

The definition of being a better human (read American) in this part of the world is to be pretentiously tolerant and have a I-don’t-care-what-you-do-with-your-life nod to whatever people do or say. Avec votre pharmacie en ligne Pharma GDD, tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour prendre soin de vous et ceux qui vous sont chers au quotidien est réuni au même endroit et se trouve à portée de clic.