Those who choose to be social leaders are brave persons who are always re-inventing themselves to share the best version of their human capacity and in that way promote transformations.

Sometimes it might be very hard to stay positive when the majority deals with the most critical social issues in the world. So the dilemma is…¿How to stay inspired?

It’s all about finding a balance between what a person gives and receives from the universe. It’s all about letting the mind and body take new chances, experiencing new ways to feel satisfied and recognize itself, losing the fear of falling, because of fall and make mistakes are part of the sane “receiving process”.

If a person likes itself when trying something new, is in the stage of “receiving” and so “giving”, becomes a synergic process that will make a deeper impact in who receives her/his energy.

The best way to stay inspired is by finding time to run, walk, run, dance, sing, play an instrument, paint, skate, read, ride a bike, do yoga, travel…!

Activate the body and mind! Establishing a balanced routine, giving full energy at work and also taking some time to receive inspiration trying new activities. Doing it with the heart and open senses. Doing it again, practice and be better… Then focus on modeling a more creative version of the self to inspire others.

Being a social leader is staying out of the comfort zone and rediscover again and again, not an easy task, but certainly a very rewarding one.

“This is to all those amazing leaders who work day by day trying new ways to find real inspiration, being genuine elements of change”