Since most of us will be staying here for only six to twelve months, we opt for phone plans that do not require long term contract. If you register as a “family” at T-Mobile, you can talk, text and use web with no limit. T-Mobile Family Plan users do not need to be officially registered as a “family” as long as they ensure each other that their bills are paid on time, otherwise their service will be disconnected. The plan is very attractive for people like us who have strong bondage but rely on limited stipend.

To find further information on their plan, you can check out T-Mobile website;

However, since the initial payment scheme was intended for average families with two parents and children, we need to recalculate the bill in order to split the payment evenly. Following are some things to take into account when allocating how much each person should pay:

  1. Identify the add-on services used by each person. Some people may chose to use more web faster / roaming / international messaging and etc. (Be aware when using directory assistance, 411. It costs $1.99 per service and they usually do not provide the number you are looking for.)
  2. Prorate the bill. Some people may enter the plan at different dates so allocate it according to the days of usage.
  3. Adjust the deposit. There are two characteristics which differentiate T-Mobile  Family Plan deposits from other regular deposits: i) deposit is not paid back at termination, and ii) as the number of people in the family increases, the additional deposit per user decreases. Since deposits are paid only at a point when the user newly enters the plan, you need to calculate retroactively to split the total sum of deposit with the newly added user at the time of calculation.

For those of you who are sharing the T-Mobile Family Plan, tips above will make more sense.

However T-Mobile is certainly not the most recommended mobile service provider as it does not get coverage as well as Verizon / AT&T. If you know better quality and yet more affordable plan or other thrifty ways to cut down the communication cost, please share your advice!

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