Hello my fellow fellows and the world! I would like to congratulate and thank you you for being part of Atlas Corps family
I would also like to share with you what I have experienced in my first 30 days in the United States. Looking at the title, you must be thinking what could possible happen in just 30 days?

Well, let me tell you. The initial 30 days in a country like the U.S. matters a lot and is often the most challenging. You get the chance to learn new skills. For example, how to use google maps so whenever going outside, you better to not follow other smart Fellows but use your brain with technical support of google maps. You also get a chance to taste food that makes you feel like you should take the first available flight home. Again, you are advised to consult google maps and find excellent Indian/Pakistani (or whatever you like) restaurants near your home and work places.
In addition, there is the challenge of finding housing on your own. Through all these new experiences, you can start to feel isolated—super fool instead of super cool and vulnerable. It is at these times you need to look to your new friends and support networks (like the Fellows and Atlas Corps Team).
Whenever you feel alone, listen to music, go to your favorite restaurant where you find food of your choice, talk to other Fellows, think positive. For instance, be inspired that you are one of the best people who have been selected as an Atlas Corps Fellow! Or that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you may never get to experience again so make the most out of it. Calling back to home is not the right solution of problem, best solution is to face it, challenge it, and conquer it.
Best of luck to all my fellow Fellows and to the future Fellows as you experience your “first 30 days” in the United States!

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