How to overcome 3,6,9,12 crisis

It’s been a decade since I have been living outside of my home country. When I was in England in 2005, I remember I cried every single night. I was the only Asian within 30mile of the area. I didn’t know how to deal with homesick, loneliness, and being isolated from unfamiliar environments at that time.

So now I would like to share the how I deal with emotional challenges that knock your door every 3 months.

I am a type of person who learned from own experience rather from reading books. Through my experiences, I found there is “Life Adaptation Curves”

When you come to totally new places,
For the first three months you feel more excited about new environment, work and people. But when you get used to the new environment and work something make you get more tension and strains turns into a sense of security. (Someone like me I get feel really bored when I feel a sense of security this is the reason I love to be in developing countries.)
Emotion and feeling cannot be measured or quantified. But I just want to show how the emotions can be changed as time passes.

칼럼 감정그래프수정

<Source : Sookhee Yuk, 2014>

As you see the graph above, 3rd, 6th, 9th months has a gap between tensions and homesick lines.

Based on my experience in foreign countries, every 3 months I get bored, feel enervated, and miss all family and friends in my country. Because I get used to my work and circumstances, I used to think I am falling behind compared to my co-workers, and friends. It would have made me to have hasty decision to go back to my country without achieving my original goal in a new country.

I knew “Soon it shall also come to pass”
So I want to share how I overcome these emotional crises when you are in foreign countries.

Soon it shall also come to pass.

1) Drink 2 bottles of beer while I listen favorite music then I call family or friends to talk about anything. (It has psychological excretion effect. I named it “having the bowels with mouth”, believe it or not You will feel much better.)

2) Reading books or watching movies until I don’t want to see movies ever.
(When I have nothing to watch, I feel like to work hard)

3) I do painting and go to the concert. While you are challenging these 3,6,9,12 crisis, you usually have so many worries and thought in your mind. I don’t do exercise, but I do painting and listening live music. Do something make you not to have any miscellaneous thoughts.

4) Traveling, having a party with happy atlas corps fellows also very helpful.

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