In my country, Russia, podcasts are not that popular. However, once a person find a good podcast, s/he subscribes to it and feels obliged to listen to every single episode, including the past ones. Being a unique characteristic of a Russian market, it also reminds us that we shouldn’t blindly apply knowledge to a domestic market.

I am currently taking a course from a Russian organization about how to make a podcast from scratch: choose a topic, make decent sound, promote, prepare for an interview with a guest, etc. Here are few things I’ve found surprising so far:

  1. If you want to record a sound, go to the closet full of clothes. Another option is to cover yourself with a blanket or two. If you only have a smartphone, put a warm sock on it. It really works!
  2. Podcasts do not necessarily have an interview format. There are very few people who can ask good questions and there are few experts who can give good answers. Alternatively, you can just record yourself with minor comments from experts.
  3. You are not supposed to upload a podcast edition to every player or podcast platform. If you use RSS, it will go there needed (i.e. there you have registered once), automatically. 
  4. There is a difference between podcast hosting and podcast player. The first allows you to use their servers to keep your episodes while the second simply provides the information about you and redirects you to the original hosting spot (though the process will be unseen). Podcast players couldn’t keep your episode.
  5. Remember about rights. If you use free account, a podcast content belongs to the hosting owner just like the content of Google docs belongs to Google.

I’ll keep you updated while uncovering the technical and marketing sides of podcast recording. Stay tuned and share your favorite podcasts in comments.