I know that blog title is very catchy, but in reality, it is not easy to make money during and after the fellowship. After doing extensive research, I came through a couple of ideas that might be helpful for fellows to get a dream career line. After fellowship, you can register your one patent product or service and launch it in a unique way where other organizations will approach you to get a license. Licensing a unique way to launch your product or service across the globe and generate monthly and yearly income. My significant achievement is being a part of the remarkable program “Creating Shared Value” via engaging private sector organizations to work for social issues to get business where they are able to solve social issues. I would like to suggest three potential areas for licensing.

  1. Joint Venture Model for nonprofit
  2. Blockchain for impact metrics
  3. Creating Shared Value with private organizations

During fellowship, it would be great if you can render services as a Pro Bono Agent and work for private, public and nonprofit organizations under your area of expertise. In return, you can be compensated with a travel allowance, food, drinks, and unforgettable memories. If you are pro, then you know how to take it further.