Finally my boss and I finished Part 4 selection process for 2016 The Global Good Fund cohort. Actually it was a long journey. We opened an application in April and received 1,400 applications by June 1st, which was a doubled digit increase from last year, exceeding our goal such as 600. I must say that it was a remarkable success in The Global Good Fund history. Looking back, we strategically approached to identify potential candidates via diverse platforms such as Partners, word of mouth, internet search engine, social media and our alumni and ambassadors. More than 50% of applicants responded that they heard about our Fellowship program from our partners. I think that this is one of big difference in Non-Profit sector between Korea and USA. Korean organizations are inclined to be more conservative to share their network for other organizations, little by little they open their doors in social entrepreneurship field though. In addition to this, there were five volunteers including GGF staff to take a responsibility to recruit geographically. Three volunteers for USA, one for Asia(me) and one for LATAM. My boss participated this process as a volunteer and worked really hard and finally got offered a senior director of Fellowship program and Expansion position of my organization. As we used to have a very few Asian candidates historically and lack of partnership in the area, I tried to reach out to potential applicants one country by one country. By googling and related articles, I was able to get information of potential partners and social entrepreneurs. With that, I personally sent emails to introduce our program. Also I conducted skype call meetings whenever it’s necessary.

As The Global Good Fund Fellowship program was focused on social entrepreneurs’ leadership development to solve social problems and accelerate social impact in the world, we have a very demanding criteria as below.

– Demonstrated leadership and growth potential.
– The candidate must be at a critical point for his/her leadership or for the future of the enterprise.
– Candidate is committed to social impact and is driving significant change in his/her industry.
– The enterprise that the candidate leads is at least one year old.
– The enterprise must have at least one full time employee in addition to the candidate.
– Candidate is committed to full time to running his/her enterprise.
– Candidate is coachable and humble, meaning that he/she is early embraces honest critique and feedback and has a desire to learn.
– Ability to dedicate 15 months to The Global Good Fund Fellowship while remaining his/her workplace.
– Candidate must be willing to drive the Fellowship process and take ownership of his/her leadership development.
– Candidate shows commitment to giving back; he/she actively mentors and invests in team members or other individuals.
– The enterprise exhibits growth potential, meaning scale or depth of outreach.
– The enterprise is moving toward a model of financial sustainability where by 50% or more of the budget is covered through revenue generation. If this level has not been achieved, this goal must be a top priority for the candidate and his/her enterprise.
– Under 40 years of age (if 40 or older, explain rational for Fellowship)
Our selection process was very demanding and required a certain time and effort commitment to apply.

<GGF Application Process>

From June 1st to June 15th, we narrowed down to the half of applications for Part 2   process, which was submitting 3 minute video clip to tell us more about what they do, what is unique and what social impact they create. Another half applicant was moving to Part 3 that they should answer about 40 in-depth questions regarding mission, leadership, social impact and financial status as written application. After that, we chose 40 finalists and held virtual site visit one by one for two months from September to October. The candidate should invite one community member and one co-worker in their office. It was very interesting to visit their working space virtually and get an opportunity to talk with those who work with our candidate. Next coming weeks, we will complete to select 12 Fellows out of 40 Finalists. 50% of them will be female. Geography wise, 50% will be domestic and the rest will be international. New Fellows can be provided 360 Leadership assessment and develop their personalized leadership plan with Leadership Development Consultant as one-on-one Seasoned executive Coach will help our Fellow implement the plan for 12 months. We also support each Fellow with 10,000 USD fund for their leadership development. 12 Fellows will be invited to four day workshop in DC next April to meet their LDC, Coach and Content Experts in person.

<Part 4 Virtual Site Visit Interview with Finalist>

Part 4 Virtual Site Visit
I am very excited to work on final Fellow selection process in two weeks. My personal top criteria will be leadership with humble attitude to learn, Uniqueness, impact and sustainability. So far, it has been so impressive, valuable and educational to meet young social entrepreneurs around the world as they highly inspired me to think of creating social impact to solve complex problems. Before I joined The Global Good Fund, I was not
really into social problems and helping others. But my job motivated me a lot to think of these and guided me to encourage and support those who already implemented their creative ideas and needed mentors and experts to sharpen their business models and social impact. Under the circumstance, I am seriously considering my career path toward social entrepreneurship and leadership development when I back to Korea. Therefore, this search and selection experience will be practically useful for me to identify young Korean leaders and support them and their organization to accelerate their impact in the community and other countries in need.

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