National Alliance on Mental Illness states that approximately 43.8 million adults in the U.S experience mental illness in a given year which is 18.5 percent.

This is a big number to deal with. These are the people who have somehow approached someone for help, while there are many who don’t want to approach someone for help either because of social taboos or because of expensive health facilities in the states.

My recent role in a non-profit organization has to deal with the people either mentally or financially sick. Keeping in mind, the financial weakness is also one of the reasons of mental illness. So, somehow, my clients or mentally ill or they have passed through mental illness. Dealing with people with such situations, always gives me a feel that how privilege I am as the nature has gifted me a lot of facilities for which majority of my clients are striving for. But, with a lot of gift, I also have responsibility to deal with people who are faced with financial or mental problems.

As I have to deal them each day, I had to do a lot of readings on how to deal with people who are in serious problems, how best to help them, how to control their anger, and the most important how to control my anger. Some of my best practices to deal with them are:

Understanding a situation is crucial for decision making. By understanding a situation or problem, I mean the type of problem you are faced with. Questions like what the problem is all about, background of the problem, and hidden forces behind a problem need to think about. These questions will help you to understand the situations. All these questions can be answered in seconds because of time consequences. Sometimes, you won’t have the luxury to ask the question or to think about it for a long time, so you have to understand all these in seconds.

Dealing with people in problems is always tough and need urgent decision making. So, looking for alternative should be a fast process. Applying regular procedure of brainstorming and looking for possible alternatives can delay the process. In this case, when you are faced with time constraints, you have to look for alternatives that can best help you to resolve the problem for a limited time, so that you get enough time to think about it later and get rid of the problem completely. While dealing with people in problem, the best possible alternative could be the one that helps you save your life, dignity, promote the mission, and can add in helping to achieve the goals. I always look for the alternative that helps me in getting rid of the situation at that time and then re-arrange the whole process when the situation is in my control.

When you have the list of alternative then analyze the alternative and go for the best one. The best depends on situations, but, if the situations are very critical then the best one could be the one that helps you getting rid of the problem for the near future. Once the best alternative is applied then situations come in control and will give you enough time apply normal problem-solving technique.

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