On September 6, 2018, in Washington, DC the influence Nation Summit was held at the National Geography. The summit aims the influences that create and sustain the social movement. I had the opportunity to attend the summit and listen to inspirational speakers such as Michael Smith, Jean Case, Tukwini Mandela discussing topics about leadership today’s movements and Influence the public to get involved in complex issue gave me the awareness to deal with new perspectives and how approaches positive change on the communities. However, the most important and I am very thankful to LeaderStories gave me the opportunity to help during the influence Nation Summit supporting Changemaker to connect, network and exchange ideas with Amex Alumni and social purpose leaders present at the Influence Nation summit reminded me that we all are believer and advocate social issues can be the same or different one thing unify us “Purpose” is our fuel and driver to make positive change in our communities. When you meet a social leader his/her story impact you directly uplift to sustain and continue to believe on purpose in life.