We are creative beings, every person’s journey is remarkable and exceptional, while we vary in talent, knowledge, skills, and motives; there are a million types of businesses that we can start. Owning a business is often more rewarding financially and intellectually; for if you own a business, you are prone to generating equity every day in an asset that you own. It allows you to be the leader you have always wanted to work for, ideally, we all want to start a business but lack the financial means, let me give you some risk-free ideas to maneuver financial obstacles: 1. You do not always have to be the first guy (founder); hence be the second person to find someone with the means and ideas, take the risk, invest your full capacity and take that business into a second level. 2. Be an employee+: an employee+ is a term I have come with that means you can be an employee to cover your expenses but seize every free hour you have to do more and to generate equity by converting your knowledge and experience into something people can benefit from, e.g. compose articles, researches, give music classes or cooking classes, and once you have enough equity, you can franchise an existing business or invest in your own ideas. 3. Create/re-create/ innovate and knock on the right doors.4. The secret sauce to success; most entrepreneurs start with zero equity and end up with million dollars investments and that does not just fall from the sky, it is never luck or just having a good connection, it is a lot of efforts invested, it is failing many times and still finding reasons to adapt and overcome these obstacles, it is looking for ways to improve continually, accepting criticism and considering weaknesses as opportunities for change; to sum that up the following attributes need to baked into you DNA: Persistence, Passion, Belief, Resilience Despite Failure, and Positive Attitude.