Do you have too much time on your hands? With all of the pressures of modern life, so few people today do. In order to preserve your time, you have to know how to manage it. And the first step in learning how to manage time well is to understand how you make use of it now.

To successfully manage time, project managers must develop accurate schedules and implement them through the life of the project. This involves defining and sequencing activities, estimating the resources needed, estimating the duration of activities, and finally, developing a schedule. They can use a variety of tools to help them manage their time: network diagrams, critical paths, and Gantt charts.

There are five steps in the schedule planning process, and these mirror the structure of this topic:

  • Activity Definition: comprehensively identifying the activities that need to be performed to produce the project deliverables
  • Activity Sequencing: identifying the relationships that exist among the various schedule activities
  • Activity Resource Estimating: allocating the type and quantity of resources available/required to perform each scheduled activity
  • Activity Duration Estimating: estimating the time required to complete project activities
  • Schedule Development: creating a project schedule based on activities, sequences, durations, resources, and schedule constraints

There are several online software available those can help an individual to manage and track the progress on the activities. I would like to recommend for project time management.