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Ange Muyubira, the Founder and CEO of Kaz’O’zah Art  that produces Burundian craft, almost dropped her tears right after the Collaborative Problem solving session at The Global Good Fund(GGF) Annual Summit. It was the first time in her life to be surrounded by experts who voluntarily want to support her business and try to resolve her pain points. During 4 days of the summit in DC, as The Global Good Fund Fellow, she was able to meet her Coach, Leadership Development Consultant, content experts, Fellows and GGF staff members in person. They are all humble, warm-heart and thoughtful people who willingly help her be a caring and authentic leader. She felt that she was very blessed to work with those professionals during the summit.

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As a program manager at The Global Good Fund, I really worked hard to prepare for 4 day Summit with other staff members. We had to communicate all participants constantly, check all details and overwork until midnight. Everybody was exhausted but we knew that it would worth to do it for our Fellows, other participants and guests. Since I worked with our Fellows virtually, I was looking forward to meet them in person and get to know them in order to support them better. During the Summit, I got inspired a lot by our awesome Fellows and Coaches. Our Fellows are young entrepreneurs who have created social impact in their community more than 2 years on average. 6 of them are females and they are geographically diverse such as Armenia, Burundi,  Columbia, Louisiana, Nepal, New York, Nigeria, Panama and Uganda. Our summit was aimed to focus on their leadership development as well as improving their social business performance. We invited professionals from various industry, including Scott from Atlas Corps, and graciously they shared their expertise with our Fellows at the Summit. It was very impressive to see how they worked together regardless of nationality, culture, language and industry.  I just felt that voluntary mentor-ship was more common here in US than Korea and many people are willing to help those who in need. Coaches, seasoned executive business leaders, gave us feedback that it was so great to attend the Summit as they also learned from our Fellows and got inspired by. Through the Summit,  even myself, I was able to have my own Leadership Development Consultant who would willingly help me identify my strength and growth of leadership skills and create my own leadership development plans and Coach who would support me to implement my plan. Isn’t it so beautiful to take a long journey with somebody who graciously want to support and advise me to move forward? That’s why The Global Good Fund held the 4 day Summit in DC every year, aiming at supporting our young social entrepreneurs by pairing with Coaches as one on one and connecting with our GGF community.

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I heard that millennials are very interested in good cause so that they want to work on something good. Therefore, a number of social entrepreneurs sharply increased these days. However, many of them said that they felt lonely sometimes whenever they face internal and external difficulties. No matter what their problems are, it would be good to talk with Coaches or Mentors and try to find the solution together. That’s what my host organization is doing now and will do in the future so as to accelerate social impact through leadership mentoring for young social entrepreneurs all over the world.



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