It is a warm day and I’m sitting by my window,looking out at the beautiful sun thinking of the past three weeks since I arrived in the US. I’m not sure whether those three weeks feel like it’s been years or just a couple of days. All I know is that the mixed feelings, the home sickness and getting used to the quite different way of life have all got the best of me.

It’s not like I have never travelled before but this feels quite different. When I call home and talk to family and friends, I get quite emotional yet expected to be excited. Everyone wants to hear about the fancy life in America but somehow I can’t get to say much about it. Yes, it is a nice and lovely place, the smiles on people’s faces everywhere are so welcoming and comforting, oh my I love that. One smile makes two smiles! The weather is lovely, beautiful city but then again I still feel something is missing!

Days go by and now I know what is going on….most fellows say they have gone through the same feeling! It is the first phase of the fellowship!!! Speak of Culture shock and Adaptation and then to make it worse, I missed the famous Weaver session!!!

Uuummm, and now, I’m getting on with life and with great people around to make my day, I can now pick up the phone and tell mum I was on TV!  Oh YES!

Life goes on…Home and Away!!!!


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