His olive colored skin stretched across every square inch of him without a blemish or a bruise. There was a sprinkle of hair on his toes, but his unending legs were a blanket of silky dark hair.

The grey shorts he wore hugged his lean hips as if it were forever their resting place. As my eyes longingly continued its upward journey, they were greatly rewarded with a flat stomach which was not obscenely covered in the outrageous 8-pack, but were instead chiseled with a mere 6-pack which looked as if they were designed by the Almighty Himself.

His chest was next on my audit, and I observed with fascination the steady rise and fall of his suave hairless chest. His wide shoulders effortlessly gained a Grade A, and his muscular arms in my opinion should be featured in the World’s best vacation magazines, as they looked like my rendition of a perfect get-away.
His neck was just the right length to keep you excited to meet his lovely face. And what a sight that was. Created in the Image of God himself, without a doubt was the pinnacle of human perfection. His smooth full lips were not the clichéd pink hue, but instead looked like a ripe juicy grape ready to be devoured. His nose was in perfect proportion, and his eyes were a very stormy grey, complimenting his shoulder length hair that had waves like the ocean.

He was indeed the impeccable human blueprint I thought. Until….. he ‘made the mistake’ and smiled. 3 black things which I presume were once white teeth looked back at me. And the remaining yellow ones were not very lovely either.

Well to be fair, it was this outstanding issue that outweighed all others and made him, HIM.

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