If you have the latest version of MS Office then you might be missing a very good feature.

Let’s say that you have to make a new budget from scratch on Excel or a Power Point presentation, I bet the first thing you will do is go to Google, type “Free budget templates” and try to download some. But why do that when you have many templates ready for you that come with the MS Office itself.

How does it work (Let’s say you are looking for a timeline template):

Open MS Excel, and click on New, in the search bar type “Timeline” and press Enter, wait for a couple of seconds and the research tool will give you many templates, pick the right one for you and click on it, it will download automatically and open as a new file.

This search is MS Office search, meaning even if you are on Excel, if you scroll down you will find templates for Word, PowerPoint..etc.

Voila, I hope this will help you save some time looking on Google for free templates.

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