If you have not yet, you can pledge to see the documentary made on the life of a Pakistani Education Activist, Malala.

Pledge here.

The documentary will be released by Fox Searchlight in the U.S. on October 2, 2015. Global distribution will begin on November 6, 2015. A great motivational story of how this little girl struggled and fought back against evil. Her strong faith in her Creator is written all over her face and, is evident in her words. She begins her speech in the name of Allah, and she clarifies how the bad people are misusing the name of Islam. She is a living example of the phrase in Urdu, “Maarney waaley sey bachaney wala bara hay.”, which means, The Creator is stronger than your enemy, for your Creator will save you, and if your time in this life is not up yet, nobody can kill you.”

This little girl’s dedication and passion for education for herself, and for other children around the world, is very inspiring. If she can be #StrongerThanFear why cannot you and I be #StrongerThanFear #StrongerThanPain #StongerThanHate #StrongerThanFailure #StrongerThanOurEnemies #StrongerThan whatever gives us trouble?

He named me Malala

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