Today I’m going to share something more of a personal experience; however I believe every experience we have will add to our career and personal experience side by side.
It was a strange feeling to celebrate Valentine’s Day away from home; I grow up buying gifts, Chocolate and flowers to my mom and my older sisters. They buy me gifts, red teddy bears, flowers and Givenchy. It was always meaningful day for me. I say to them I love you and I heard the word I love you a lot.

Here in Chicago, I’m always prepared to celebrate alone, I had two blogs earlier talking about my two Eid celebrations. On the 14th of February. Until I received an email from the receptionist of our office “Hi Hasan, You have a delivery at the front desk”. I honestly thought this would be something I required from my office such as Arabic Keyboard.
The Surprise was that my partner has managed to send me these flowers to my office even though he is in Jordan.

Valentine’s Day flowers from Bae!

It’s really hard to live for one year away from the people you love, people you appreciate the most in life is their company. I really have a great people in my life that made my life easy, my partner who visited me three times in Chicago and he went through visa process and you know how hard to take long vacations during one year and one of them unpaid, just because being together is priceless. My close friend and my sister who visited me twice in Boston and NYC, made my life great. All the support from these very smart successful people who always give me the best professional tips to grow everyday be more successful.

My close friend and I catching up in Boston

I love them all, for all their support and I love Atlas Corps fellows who also keep support and listen to me and I love Ali Atallah who is trying as much as possible to get out of his comfort zone to understand me. I love you so much and already thinking about the impact you guys have done in my life already.

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