“I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.” Kwame Nkrumah

Today we celebrate my motherland Africa, her unity, and her independence from her former colonizers.

“We must unite now or perish… We must recognize that our economic independence resides in our African union and requires the same concentration upon political achievement.” – First President and Prime Minister of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah in his address at the founding of the OAU, Addis Ababa, 1963.

Western Cape Sunset, Cape Town, South Africa

Today we celebrate the mother. One who nurtures and cares for her offsprings in a unique way. One who has kept her children unified with love. My motherland, where the sun shines brightening each day, forcing out a smile in all her children. Oh how I miss my motherland’s warm-hearted smile. 

Mosi oa Tunya, The Mighty Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The land of milk of honey, endowed with natural resources and a beautiful climate. Today we appreciate the unique mother, with the world’s most beautiful flora and fascinating fauna. Nothing feels like my motherland. We may explore the world but nothing feels like home, with that pure mother love. 

The mother, with a rich culture and heritage great respect for one another to our unifying spirit of ubuntu. They tried to call our heritage “uncivilised” but it has kept us, it has become our identity. 

Courtesy of Tumi

The mother who is resilient, in the face of adversity and pandemics, has stood the test of time. Fighting off animosity, Protecting her offsprings with her wings of love. Nothing is good as a mother’s love. 

Today we celebrate Africa’s unity under the theme “silencing the guns”. For me silencing the guns is equal to economic prosperity where Africa harvests all her potential and offering equal opportunities to all her children regardless of gender, beliefs, etc. Its time for Africa to enjoy the fruits of her labor, from her minerals to her fertile soil. A developed Africa with free trade across the continent, good health and education systems that compete effectively on the world stage. A motherland that is jealous of her children, nurtures them such that they do not see the need to search for greener pastures, seeking refugee in other continents.

As we continue to silence the guns lets remember the words of Thabo Mbeki, former President of South Africa,

“The evolution of humanity says that Africa reaffirms that she is continuing her rise from the ashes. Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now! Whatever the difficulties, Africa shall be at peace!” – Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa, “I Am an African” speech delivered on 8 May 1996.

Happy Africa Day to my motherland, Proudly African. 

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