HappyHappiness can either be temporary or permanent. So far, I haven’t heard of permanent happiness in this world. We are happy one moment, and sad the other. Some are born into this world, and those around them rejoice, while at the same time, some die and their loved ones cry. Maybe permanent happiness is for the afterlife, and not for this temporary life. Yes, I mean, in a life so temporary, how can you even achieve permanent happiness? So, for achieving a permanent happiness in the afterlife, what do we do? Can we do something about that while we are still alive in this temporary world? Yes. I think we can.

We saw how the snow covered the land for up to two feet during the snowstorm #Jonas in DC in January. Did that happen in a minute? No. In an hour? No. In a day? No. In more than a day. Snowing persistently for hours. Each snowflake added to the over two feet of snow which covered the streets and sidewalks and almost everything all around.

Good deeds, little by little, adding up for a happy forever afterlife; now, that is permanent happiness. Some people believe that everything will end one day and then there will be no afterlife. I believe that there is an afterlife because thinking that the Supreme Being (God) who Created all these objects in time and space in the multiverse, went all the way creating all this for nothing would be quite unfair and a waste of time and life. This cannot be just for nothing. The happiness here in this life may be temporary, but the good deeds that we collect here will eventually lead us to our permanent happiness. The deeds live on forever.


There has got to be another life, a permanent one and based on our deeds in this temporary life. The material things that we collect here, are of no use to us in that life for sure, but the actions whether good or bad, are recorded in time and space, and we will have a life; good or bad, based on what deeds we performed here.

Our actions do not go to waste. They get trapped in space, and will be retrieved. For a temporary happiness, do not ruin your chances of eternal happiness.

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