Halloween is an opportunity in the United States to wear a costume, decorate houses and scroll through the streets in search of treats.

Five Halloween traditions in the United States


In the United States, pumpkins have taken over. They are emptied and they are cut with more or less frightening faces. Why? To scare the spirits.

Candy collection

“Trick or treat”. This occasion is celebrated by disguised children who come to knock on the doors of their neighborhood to collect sweets and make pranks if they do not obtain any.

The parades

Many cities in the United States organize parades on Halloween night. The rule is simple because it is about walking in the streets with costumes more or less gloomy and sometimes lanterns in the shape of pumpkin. Among the most famous parades are New York, Las Vegas and Anoka, Minnesota.

Home decoration

For many years now, Halloween enthusiasts have not only been disguising themselves, but have completely transformed their homes with bright animations, multiple pumpkins, skeletons and spider webs.

What are we eating?

The pumpkin is in the spotlight, it is often on the menu of October 31. It is eaten in soup, but Americans also like to decorate their cookies that take the form of ghosts or monsters for the occasion.