Recently, I had to find another host organization and I sent an e-mail to fellows to help me find host organization.

I received so many messages from many fellows who support me so much.
They really wanted to help me with their limited resource which means we are all foreigners here in the states, but they tried really hard to help me.

I felt very supported by them and also whenever I hung out with fellows, I could feel that they really care about my situation.

Although I was very stressed with finding a new host organization, I was very grateful to have a very supportive fellow community.

People sent me messages through Facebook, What’s app, e-mails, texts, calls and even talking in person.

Through this experience, I got to build a strong friendship with many fellows and especially the satellite fellows. I do not have a chance to meet and hang out with them, so it was hard for me to get to know them. however, I got to build the friendship with them as updating my situations by talking to them. (some of them, I talked almost every day!)

I am very excited to meet them in this coming GLL or sometimes later if the chance is given to see them in person!

Thankfully, on my last day of finding a host organization due to the visa regulation, miraculously I received the offer from my current host organization.

Thank you everyone for your very caring heart! I am very fortunate to know you in my life!


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